Dec 30, 2010

Martin Luther’s Speech

"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred" Martin Luther

This is a very magnificent and important piece of Martin's speech, this is the secret of his success and attracting a lot of attention to his aim and struggle by either black and white Americans, because he speaks not like a negro or in narrow sectarian circle but he mention a human being and humanity issue which is equal for all human being all over the world. That's why people loved him and supported him and he became one of freedom symbols in the world.

He says that the Negro people must struggle for their freedom and for equality and for their rights to nationality and taking part with the society and the government. The word (thirst for freedom) has a great meaning in his speech, because they are already thirsty for freedom and without it it's difficult to live any more. Here Martin didn't demand or encourage his people to fight or carry weapons against the white people or the government; but he was demanding to get their right peacefully and out of sectarian circle.

Martin in this part of his speech wants to tell his people that he will never accept violence, and in spite of their long suffering from white people who made them slavery and treated them some times less than an animal, but Martin asked his people to forgive them and start a new white page with them. Because their problem will not be solved by violence and fighting and they shouldn't try to hate white or be bitter with them.

A successful leader like Martin Luther can be a symbol of peace and freedom; he was able to convince Negro people to gain their freedom peacefully and without violence. This is really a successful leadership that all leaders around the world can get benefit from his treatment with that tough situation and safe their people in a very brave way.

Martin Luther was able to make Negro people consider the white as brothers in the U.S and now wee se black and white in the U.S live together and almost all of them free form slavery and they take part of the government, not just that; but one of the Negros are now the president of the United States.

This piece of writing has been presented as an assignment at Human rights lecture at 18/12/2010

Shvan Goran

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