Dec 30, 2010

The little girl, Rosamond

The little girl, Rosamond

Plot: Rosamond is a little girl about seven years old; she is walking with her mother in the streets of London. Every time she sees something in the shops she asks her mother to buy her them, Even things that she doesn't know their names and what are they uses for.

Then in one of the shops she see a purple-pot and she asks her mother to buy it to her but her mother told her that she hasn't got enough money and at the same time her shoes were worn so some stones goes inside it and it hurts her. She asks her mother to buy a new pair of shoes but she refused and tell her that she have to decide either the pot or pair of shoes.

She decided to choose the purple-pot and accepted to be without new pair of shoes until a month later. When she goes home and bring the purple-pot and try to put flowers into it she realize that the pot color is not really purple, but there is something else inside it makes it colors in purple. By that time she disappointed and she wished that she believed her mother at choosing the pair of shoes instead of the purple-pot. Form there, she couldn't walk with her mother to see shops any more and her father didn't take her with him to her brother's.

Characters: The two main characters in the story are Rosamond and her mother. The other minor characters are Mr. Sole (the shoe maker), the shopkeeper, servant, father, brother, and customer. Rosamond here is the protagonist because all the events go around her and the antagonist is her desire.

Conflict: the kind of conflict in internal. It's between Rosamond and her desire.

Themes: the important themes in the story are appearance and the reality, it means that appearance is not always show us the reality of things and we should be aware of its inside. One other theme in the story is making choice or decision and its results, if the result was positive how we treat with it and if it was negative we should take the responsibility. The other theme of the story is talking about the characteristic of children and their behavior and the always change their mind towards thing around them.

Climax: the most important event in the story is when Rosamond chooses the purple-pot because after that every thing is changing.

Settings: time is not mentioned in the story, but the place is London city in the U.K.

Narration: the narrator is third person.

Point of view: it's an interesting story we can learn form it different things in our life like taking responsibility in our decision and not be cheated by appearance of thing.

This piece of writhing presented as an assignment on 6th of DEC 2010 / English department second year

Shvan Goran

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