Mar 2, 2018

Lalish temple, main temple of followers of Ezidi religion

Lalish temple is located few kilometers north of Sheikhan District in Duhok Province, Kurdistan region . 
It has a spectacular view during every season of the year. 

Apr 6, 2014

The Location of the Battle of Gaugamela Discovered

Amid a lot of controversy about the Battle of Gaugamela?s location, it has been recently discovered that the battle took place in a location near Bardarash District in Duhok Province. 

The battle, which occurred between Alexander the Great and the emperor Darius in 331 B.C, is regarded as one of the 10 greatest battles in history. 

From Brazil to Kurdistan, Roberta is here for a cause "I want to see an independent Kurdistan one day"

Between Brazil and Kurdistan, there?s a long distance. But there are always as much as the long distances, chances of knowing and loving another country. She came to Kurdistan Region three months ago, leaving behind her family and her job for a cause she believes in, love of someone and love of a country. 

Nov 11, 2013

Akre Ancient Houses Being Renovated

By Shvan Goran
Through narrow paths which lead you from the foot to midway up the steep mountain of Akre city, dozens of old houses thought to have been build decades ago are being renovated.

The sound of drills and hammers can be heard miles away. Building tools are everywhere in some of the old neighbourhoods?the whole ancient city seems to be under construction.

Oct 21, 2013

The Armenians of Zakho: a different type of refugee

A View of Zakho City .. Photo Shvan Goran

By Shvan Goran - Duhok

The Kurdistan Region is known for coexistence and tolerance. Minorities live in the Region alongside the Kurds and practise their religious and cultural activities. The Armenians are a minorities who have been living in the Kurdistan Region for some 80 years.

Oct 7, 2013

بۆچی لێخوڕینی پایسکل لە ھۆلەندا زۆر بەناوبانگە؟

لە ھۆڵەندا ژمارەی پایسکلەکان لە ژمارەی دانیشتوانی ئەو وڵاتە زیاترە. لە شارەکانی وەکو ئەمستردام و ھاگوا زیاتر لە ٧٠% ی ھاتوچۆ لەرێگەی پایسکلەوە دەکرێن.
پێش جەنگی جیھانی دووەم، ھاتوچۆ لە ھۆڵەندا بەشێوەیەکی سەرەکی بە پایسکلەوە دەکرا، بەڵام لە ساڵانی پەنجا و شەستەکان کاتێک ئۆتۆمبێل زۆربوون، ئەمە گۆڕانکاری بەسەرداھات. وەکو زۆر لە ولاتانی ئەوروپی، شەقامەکان بەشێوەیەکی زیاد قەرەبالغ بوون و پایسکلسواران تەنگیان پێ ھەڵچنرا

سادەیی لە ژیان و گەورەیی لە بیرکردنەوە.. چەند وانەیەک لە ژیانی مەهاتما گاندی

مەهاتما گاندی، پیاوی ئاخاوتنی ڕاست، سەرکردەیەکی مەزن، خەباتکەرێکی ڕاستەقینە کە نموونەیەکی لە ژیانی سادە و بیرکردنەوەى گەورە بۆ ئێمە هێنایە کایەوە. کاتێک گوێمان لە ناوی دەبێت، بێ توندوتیژی، ڕاستیی، نیگا و نموونەیەکی گەورەی سەرکردایەتیمان بە مێشکدا دێت

Sep 23, 2013

Shabak Kurds Targeted in Mosul

By Shvan Goran

More than 1270 Shabaks have been killed since 2003

Shabak Kurds have become targets of terrorist attacks launched by Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Mosul and surrounding areas, leading to the death and evacuation of hundreds.

Sep 15, 2013

Some Photos of Xazir River

 Xazir is a river located a few kilometers West of Bardarash, it has a beautiful landscape.