Sep 28, 2012

Duhok 1st international film festival launched

Winners of Duhok First International Film Festival./Photo/

The Kurdish Globe
By Shvan Goran--Duhok

The cultural event urges private sectors to build more cinema halls in Duhok 
The First International Film Festival in Duhok launched on 9th of September 2012, with the participation of 88 Kurdish and international features, documentaries and short films that had been selected from 220 works and screened at the festival. The jury board comprised of famous directors and producers from Afghanistan, Germany, Slovakia and Iran and was headed by The Kurdish director, Shawkat Amin Korki.

Huner Saleem's "Si Tu Meurs, Je Te Tue" (If you die, I will kill you) won the best feature film award in the first round of the International Film Festival held in Duhok University Conference Hall. The feature was about a love story in the depth of traditional beliefs, mixing both tragedy and comedy in the film. It was in French and Kurdish languages and 90 minutes long.

The best short film title was awarded to "Sessiz" (Silent), directed by the Turkish director L. Rezan Yeshilbash and the best documentary title was awarded to "Melody Bard" (Stone Melody) by the Iranian director, Parviz Rostami. The Jury Special Mention was awarded to "The Guerilla Son" directed by Zanyar Adami and David Herdies.

The ending ceremony of the festival was held on 16th of September in the presence of Duhok governor, Mr. Temer Ramadan, and participating directors and cinema fans in Duhok.

Huner Saleem, the Kurdish director, told journalists that he was very happy to participate in such a national festival and win the best feature award; he wished that next year the title will be awarded to another young Kurdish director. "I present this award to Syrian Kurds." he said.

The festival manager, Adil Hasan explained his plan for the second festival which is expected to be held November next year, welcoming any suggestions until then, "The films will be screened in more than one place and time." said Hasan at the ending ceremony of the Festival. He promised that a special part of the festival will be devoted to films related to young issues, urging both the government and the private sector to build more cinema halls as soon as possible. "We'll be more accurate in choosing the films that participate in the festival."

The main goal of Duhok International Film Festival, a report by the festival states, was to build a bridge between Kurdish film production and worldwide filmmaking. Additionally, "the festival aimed to create an atmosphere of exchange of different cultures and human values throughout this international annual event."

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