Aug 5, 2012

Hangaw Organization releases a statement regarding Oil fields In Bardarash

Hangaw Organization for Cultural Development in Bardarash District demands local people’s share of Petro-Dollar from Bardarsh Oil.
In a statement addressed to Kurdistan Presidency, KRG, Kurdistan Parliament and Media, The Organization reveals all the fields where oil is now produced in Bardarash by foreign companies  and demands Bardarash people’s share of petro-dollar and the money must be used in infrastructure services in the district.
The statement reveals that 125,000 Bpd will be sent out each day by 2017 that means Bardarash must have 125,000 $ daily as petro-dollar.
Hangaw organization for cultural development (founded in 2009) is an NGO in Bardarash aims chiefly in cultural developing and raising social and political awareness in the area.

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