Aug 5, 2012

“Bardarash is the second Kirkuk in oil” Global company says

An American company is now seeking oil resources in Bardarash district ( 60 Km north west of Hawler, the capital of Kurdistan Region).
An engineer in Globe Geophysical Services, who preferred being anonymous revealed to a Duhok-base newspaper that Bardarash is the second Kirkuk of  Kurdistan , and so many wells have been dug successfully so far.

 He also said that they’re now trying to estimate the petrol rate and dig some other wells.
“Bardarash area is full of petrol, the preserved rate of which is yet unknown” he said, explaining that they are still searching in the area looking for more oil inside and out side the town.
Concerning the people whose fields and lands were harmed, he said that they will be compensated by the company.
Baradarash district is located 60 Km north west of Hawler, and 32 Km north of Mosul. After the fall of former Iraqi regime some oil company who were seeking oil resources found out the area is full of oil.  

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