Aug 13, 2011

Learning Technologies ..

computer access in schools
In my country ( Iraqi Kurdistan Region - North of Iraq) most of schools do not use learning technology because of lack of technology equipments in classrooms. In learning process the only thing used is white board and marker pen. However, some schools, especially in big cities and big towns have computer room which only used in practical courses of computer class, and students have access to use them once a week, or sometimes once in two weeks, because the number of computers are inadequate if compared with number of students in one class which in some schools are more than 50 students in one single room.

Learning technology equipments are not being used a lot in primary, secondary and high schools. but in University there's a Data Show ( Projector) in every room and it's being used in giving courses by teachers and has a great role in learning process.
As I mentioned before, there are no computer or learning technology equipments in my country's schools. So teachers still use tradition methods of teaching using boards and markers, and this has come only 3 or 4 years ago, before that black boards and chalks were being used.
I've been using computer 6 years ago when I was in forth secondary class, It was the fist year that computers been brought to our school and was something new for all students. We had a computer coarse every week, and nearly once in two weeks we had access to use computer practically. It was really nice feeling and I was then motivated to learn more about that new thing until I did.

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